Celebs Who Are Former Lorry Drivers

Have you ever wondered what Aragon did before becoming the ruler of Middle Earth? Do you have any idea what James Bond did before he took the wheel and sped off in his Aston Martin?

You probably hadn’t given it much thought until now.

That is understandable. Who actually knows this kind of information.

You probably know where we are going with this since we are an HGV website and the title kind of gives it away.

Without further ado, here are some celebs who were lorry drivers before they struck it big.

Charles Bronson

He played a cool vigilante in all of the Death Wish movies, played the dirtiest of the Dirty Dozen and he dug tunnels in order to make The Great Escape. Before any of this, he drove a truck for the US Army during World War II. He actually won a Purple Heart due to some injuries he sustained while on duty.

Sean Connery

Yes. He was a lorry driver like the rest of the people mentioned here.

While the original James Bond went on and gained his Licence To Kill, the Scot started off with a licence to drive large lorries,or trucks as some people want to call them. This was after he served in the Royal Navy during the 1950s.

This was somewhat of a family profession since his dad was also a lorry driver in Scotland.

Viggo Mortenson

We know him as the leader of the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings (alongside Gandalf, his wizardly sidekick) and The Man Who Would Be King. Before he buckled swashes and bashed Orc, he spent a bit of time as a long-distance lorry driver. In the 1980s he hauled goods from his native country of Denmark.

Liam Neeson

While most of us heard him talk about his “particular set of skills” in the movie Taken, we don’t think that he was talking about the forklift driving skills he picked up while working for Guinness. Yes, you heard right. Qui Gon Jinn made extra money hauling beer around when he was a student. He probably made more than enough to buy his share of brews. The rumour that he received his licence from Yoda has yet to be verified.

James Cameron

Steven Spielberg directed the truck driver film Duel while he was young – way back in the early part of the 1970s. Cameron trumped him by actually driving a truck for a living while he was younger. Apparently, the guy who we love for films like Titanic, Avatar and The Terminator used to work on scripts while he drove trucks all over the US roads.

Elvis Presley

Sure, Viggo Mortenson was the king of Middle Earth, but there was only one King of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley. Before twisting his hips into the hearts of fans all over, he was a lorry driver in the Southern part of the United States. He worked for the Crown Electric Service during the 1950s and he was still employed there when Sun Studios made him famous. This was after some tone-deaf idiot told him that he would make a much better truck driver than performer.

Are there any more? Can you think of anyone else?

I am sure there are a number of other celebs who used to drive lorries. Not a bad start for people who went on to become war heroes, secret agents, Oscar winners and all sorts of Kings.